Jungle Fever Reviews

Wonderful news! My short story, Jungle Fever, has been getting good reviews lately so I thought I’d share them with you all 🙂  The illustration pictured here was made by one of my best friends – Wilson, who have illustrated several other covers for me. You can find samples of his work here.

Jungle Fever as illustrated by one of my best friends, the talented Maximilian Tan Wilson.
Jungle Fever as illustrated by one of my best friends, the talented Maximilian Tan Wilson.

Jungle Fever is one of the uncut horror pieces in the collection. It deals with a woman who scratches herself on a jungle plant. A wound that starts to change her immediately. The story is told from first person perspective and the main character knows exactly what is going on but doesn’t care. It makes the story a bit understated and somehow that adds to the horror of the transformation.

~ Rob Weber 

There’s a terrific horror story called, “Jungle Fever” by Ika Koeck, about a young girl who gets a scratch in the forest and what she becomes.

~ Frank R. Errington

“Jungle Fever” surprised me with how well it worked as a monsters-among-us sort of tale.

~ Bob Milne

The anthology’s description claims that the stories “run the gamut from science fiction, to fantasy, to horror” and this story is a full-on horror. In it, a young woman encounters a strange plant and it’s poison changes her into something that is terrifying and gruesome. Since I don’t know how squeamish my readers are, I’m going to give you my rating, 5/5, and leave my review at that. If you are squeamish and you choose to check out this anthology, please be aware that you may want to skip this story as it’s not for the faint of heart.

~ Rikki E. Betts

“Jungle Fever” was a welcome departure from the normal monster tale, perhaps proving better than any of the other stories what a different viewpoint can bring to the genre as a whole. Rather than show a traditional (read Western) horror at the grotesque, or the reactionary love of it, the protagonist subtly but surely showed that when the world around one is mad, monstrosity may be a welcome escape.

~ Michelle R. Wood

The readers’ enjoyment of the story truly surprised me. This was my first attempt at a horror story, so I didn’t expect the reaction at all.

I’d like to thank  my readers for their kind words 🙂 Working on another short story now, and hoping that it will be published too!

To purchase the Apex Book of World SF 3 Anthology, click here.



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