I find my lack of posts disturbing…

I do! I really do. But with a million things happening all at the same time, this blog really fell by the wayside.

Despite all the madness that came with the end of 2016, 2017 has been a delight in numerous ways.

How can I squeeze everything that has happened in once sentence, except that I have somehow become a busier fiction writer, part time animal rescuer, marathoner, aspiring triathlete, and this, on top of all the work and travelling that just piled together at around the same time.

It was also a time of knee injuries, hospital visits, and heartaches. I’ve seen the insides of hospital buildings so often by now that the very thought of going to one makes me want to hurl.

I had to prioritise, but I also realised that abandoning this blog isn’t a good idea either, since I could channel a lot of my work through this platform too.

Anyway, two of those aforementioned delights came in the form of story acceptances. To Dance The Dragon was purchased by Ares Magazine, and will appear on Issue 7 (in 2018), and a few months later I sold A Coat for Aodh to Cast of Wonders! I have a couple more stories to finish and submit to publishers/editors, so it’s looking to be a busy year of writing indeed.


In other news, I may have accidentally set up a part-time animal rescue with a group of absolute strangers. It has been a wonderful, heartbreaking, heart-lifting experience so far, and we’ve helped I think at least a dozen cats and 10 dogs. I’ve never been the rescuing kind, so this came completely unexpected, but I’ll write about that post some other time. We call ourselves Friends who banded together for the love of helping stray animals, or Friends For Strays for short.


Also, I ran a marathon. The Standard Chartered KL Marathon, to be specific.

It was epic. I’ve written a piece about it for a local running magazine here, so when that story comes out, I’ll post the same article on this blog. It’s a really long story.


So what have you folks been up to? How is 2017 treating you so far?


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