Chapter 6: The Dragon’s Lair

The entrance to their dreaded water tunnel, or what was left of it, had the makings of a classic death trap, littered with broken piles of fallen bricks and covered floor to ceiling with questionable-looking green slime and an even more dubious coating of black slush.

Chapter 5: The Hunter’s Prey

Reports of magic have disappeared for decades. Sorcery was little more than a myth now, told by mothers to frighten errant children or by the elders when they needed the supernatural touch to embellish their stories. He did not know how much truth there was in those texts anymore than she did. All these years, all those countries he hunted in, all those foes he fought and robbed, and no one had displayed even the slightest flare of the talent embedded inside him. Then again, no one in the Guild had ever dared to stir the D’Arvian’s nest before, so who was he to assume?

Chapter 3: Cloaks & Hunters

Was that a flash of relief, or spite in her eyes? She had thought of this game for a time now, letting it brew and twist in that morbid mind of hers – he knew it. More likely there will be a trap waiting for him in Fulkarin’s Shield, where not even Cornelius could reach him.

Path Of Defiance. Chapter 1: Rendezvous

Davek glanced over his shoulder. The path which led back to the alleyway was shrouded in darkness, but even from this great distance he saw the silhouette of several riders on horseback. If he concentrated hard enough he would hear those horses breathing, and the murmurs of the enemies that were sent to kill him.

Path of Defiance. Prologue: Damnation

Master Thief, Charlatan, and the best Assassin in the Guild of Hunters – Davek Averneus never had trouble being any of those.

Gifted with a magical talent that has not existed within Khathmir for decades, he didn’t have much trouble staying at the top of his game and making a mockery out of his victims either. But the price of excellence is often lethal within the Guild, and before Davek could savor the success of his most recent game, he is sent on a perilous errand to steal from the one man deemed impossible to rob – Supreme Overlord Kharvath, ruler of Khathmir. Forced into a mission that is intended to kill or humble him (whichever comes first), Davek pits his wits and murdering skills against his fellow Guild Hunters and comes face to face with his greatest thieving challenge yet – to break into the Supreme Overlord’s vault and come out alive.